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  • Shell Schimmel

    Light for Petrol

    In collaboration with Peter de Kever Installations we took up the challenge to create a welcoming environment where motorists can relax after their trip.

  • Nobra BMW

    Light for Automotive

    Implementing a lighting strategy which puts focus on the new model cars without blinding the potential customers with the reflection. We took up this challenge.

  • Butcher Joost Kuijpers

    Light for food

    In collaboration with WIMAG we created a lighting environment which complements the store design and does not damage the fresh meats.

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Indoor Lighting

We have all the right products to create the right light for your indoor projects, from downlights to track.

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Outdoor lighting

We deliver from A to Z, from indoor to outdoor, design and functional. Looking for a specific solution?

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With over 35 years’ experience in food lighting, we know how to combine light and fresh products. Have a look at our fresh food products.

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