Our mission is to embrace light and design the environment in which we guide the customer from the early stages of creation towards the realization and structural maintenance of their space.


We believe that light is the most important aspect of our humanity. Everything we Feel, Smell, Hear and See is the outcome of light. We embrace light and master its potential. Our goal is to design and create the most effective light environment to generate these emotions.

Maurice Arons


LIXERO was founded some 30 years ago by the Arons family. Ever since, a combination of craftsmanship and architecture is transferred from one generation to the next. In the beginning focusing on architectural infrastructures with love for raw materials for lighting and applied technology. This remarkable blend provides the best possible experience.


We see our products as a means of generating and transporting electromagnetic radiation which reflects on surfaces and is interpreted as light. Our philosophy is designing and developing products in such a way that the generated reflection fits the desired application. Maintaining optimal consistency throughout the product lifecycle is our upmost priority.

The Lixero Product Philosphy


From the incandescent bulb to light emitting technology; the lighting industry has evolved with an incredible diversity and speed. Intelligence has transformed static light to a dynamic controlled environment. Our philosophy is to keep it simple and reflect on the customer's benefits while incorporating technology to suit the application.


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