• MOOD We believe that light is the most important aspect of humanity. Everything we Feel, Smell, Hear and See is the outcome of light. We embrace the light and master its potential. Our goal is to design and create the most effective light environment to generate these emotions.








Food is the core ingredient of humanity. It not only provides nutrition and health but also serves as a means of emotional satisfaction and lifestyle. The enormous availability and diversity triggers our minds. We present light to feed our senses.


Nurturing of our inner person has become a Lifestyle. Whether we accentuate our cultural or economic standpoints, our self-expression is vast and it reflects our wellbeing. We highlight emotion and embrace the vibrant aspects of life.


Convenience is a big word in our society. The categorization of time and space has become a complexity. To minimize the effort to fuel our minds and create effectiveness we focus light to support our emotional mindset.

Public Utilities

Our metropolitan skyline is filled by creations of architecture. The usage of these buildings is unique. Each public space has its own lighting purpose which contributes to its effectiveness.


The eagerness for the human being to explore and create co-alliance with industry is natural. Functionality and safety is underlined with light. The ability of light to drive innovation further secures our future.


Finding the path guided by light gives us a feeling of safety and ambient inspiration. When the eye stops, light takes over. Distortion free, functional light creates the transformation at night.