Convenience is a big word in our society. The categorization of time and space has become a complexity. To minimize the effort to fuel our minds and create effectiveness we focus light to support our emotional mindset.

Seafoodbar Amsterdam



To create a lighting plan for a seafood restaurant that enhances the quality its fresh food products. There were two key elements the owner requested to include in the lighting system. 1. All lighting systems should be controlled from one central unit and 2. All systems should be dimmable on demand.


In the beginning of 2016, LIXERO was present on the Horecava in Amsterdam to promote their lighting products. One of our employees got in touch with the owners of a few fish stores in Amsterdam. The owners were dissatisfied with the current lighting systems and were looking for a partner that could help them with a professional solution. 

The Seafoodbar is known for their fresh fish food products that are skillfully prepared. Customers have the option to either dine at the restaurant and enjoy the ambiance of Amsterdam or have their dinner to go. The concept is to combine fresh food with the right experience for every costumer to keep them coming back for the quality and the atmosphere. The owners would like to see their vision in the design of their restaurant.

The interior is designed by ESTIDA, an expert in retail interior design. One of their challenges was to match ambiance centered design of the interior to the right amount of lighting. Together with LIXERO, the aim was create a plan with the right amount of colour to keep the elegance of the restaurant but accentuate the fresh food products.

This have been achieved by one of our segment managers, who was able to translate the customers' desires to an implementable concept. This concept has been operationalized and has proved to be the solution to their lighting obstacles. 


New lighting structure that compliments the Seafoodbar's design and enhances the quality of the products. Additionally, the lighting contributes to less decaying of food and a 66% savings in energy costs.